Environmental Training

Hazardous Communications

This course is designed for all employees in every industry that may use or be exposed to hazardous materials in their work environment. Participants are able to train on industry / workplace specific hazard labels as well as SDS’s. Spill response and pre-incident planning guidelines are included in the course, and all content is taught to support the company’s safety procedures and policies. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 / WAC 296-901

• Hazard Communication Rule and requirements
• The New Global Harmonized System(GHS)
• Physical and health hazards of chemicals used in your work place
• How to read labels
• How to use MSDS/SDS sheets
• Hazard Communication Standard Symbols
• Appropriate work practices
• Emergency Procedures

Additional Related Courses & Programs Available:

• Respiratory Protection & Fit Testing
• MSDS/SDS Inventory Program
• Hazard Communication Program

Hazardous Waste Operations And Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)

These courses are designed for workers that will potentially be exposed to hazardous substances. This can include clean-up operations or operations involving hazardous wastes at facilities, and the storage, treatment, or disposal of hazardous substances, as well as emergency response operations. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 / WAC 296-843

HAZWOPER 40 Hour is required for employees that perform activities that expose or potentially expose them to hazardous substances
HAZWOPER 24 Hour is designed for “Occasional Site Workers” meaning those individuals whose job does not require them to handle waste or hazardous materials as part of their job.
HAZWOPER 8 Hour Refresher Course serves as continuing education training for workers who have taken the pre-requisite 24 or 40 hour HAZWOPER course. This course is updated every year and as any changes to the regulation occur.