First Aid Starter Kit Plus


Comprehensive AED Program Management Services

Our Program Management Services help ensure that all AEDs are up-to-date and rescue ready, and all locations are fully compliant with Federal and State AED Regulations. Program components include:

Program Planning and Design

AED placement assistance
Facilitation of program rollout
Review and assistance with AED program policies to ensure readiness and compliance
Local EMS registration
24 hour customer service assistance
Medical Direction, Program Tracking and Communication

Annual AED Medical Prescription and Physician Oversight
AED and program information uploaded into web enabled date management system:
Tracks AEDs by location and serial number
Maintains AED/CPR personnel training records and expiration dates – automatic notification in advance of expiration
Tracks batteries and electrode expiration dates – automatic notification in advance of expiration
Sends monthly AED maintenance email notifications that require user response
If user fails to respond to required program notifications, we will contact site and program administrators to ensure program readiness
AED post event support and review